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Core Lease and Loan Accounting

Lease and Loan accounting made… Complete™

LeaseComplete© features a robust accounting engine capable of processing equipment, transportation, consumer/fleet vehicle, agriculture, and specialty lease, loan, and mix portfolios.

Asset Management

Asset and inventory management made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© asset management module provides comprehensive tracking for all asset-related information, saving you time and placing all information at your fingertips.

Insurance Tracking

Insurance tracking, follow-up, and placement made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© insurance module tracks insurance policies, carriers and agents in one location to protect your asset investment from damage or loss.

Collection Tracking

Collection tracking and delinquent follow-up made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© collection module is fully integrated into the core of the system and tracks delinquent, legal, bankrupt, or other specially classed contracts for follow-up. This ensures you have the information needed to document communication with the customer, record promises, and collect past due amounts in a timely, efficient manner.

Funding and Notes Payable

Investor, payables, and leverage expense tracking made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© notes payable module provides tracking and accounting for bank or third-party investor funding to help cement bank relationships and ensure accurate profitability calculations for your entire portfolio.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and asset service tracking made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© preventive maintenance module provides a repair and service tracking tool for you and a value-added service for your customers.

Document Imaging

Document and photographic imaging made… Complete™

Why should you have to change your workflow to fit your software? With LeaseComplete, you don't! Easily tailor the system to the way you will use it - the way you do business today.

Quoting and Prospect Tracking

Sales pipeline and payment quote tracking made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© quoting and sales prospect tracking module provides tools for sales data collection, quote creation, and seamless integration with booking.

Termination and Payoff

Lease terminations and payoff accounting made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© system includes a comprehensive termination module which simplifies the process of unwinding or paying off a lease or loan contract for any reason. One of the most difficult jobs is "unwinding" a lease at termination, due in large part to the number of decisions that have to be made. Does the lease carry unpaid late fees? How many miscellaneous fees are remaining unpaid? Do we have placed insurance? What about preventive maintenance or other add-ons? Over-mileage fees? Termination, purchase, and disposition fees? The list goes on and on. LeaseComplete simplifies the process by bringing together all due amounts on a single screen and allowing the entry of a single payment to clear them all!

Interim Funding

Interim funding and lease/loan conversion made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© interim funding feature allows you to provide financing for your customer’s projects or equipment installations, then simply convert those to a lease or loan upon completion.


Reporting flexibility and customization made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© reporting engine provides robust reporting throughout the system in real-time to ensure you always have access to timely information in a format that suits your needs best.

Searches and Exports

Portfolio search and data retrieval made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© search engine is accessible on every screen and allows for unlimited data search and export throughout the system.

Customization (Screen Painting)

Screen design and workflow customization made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© Screen Painter™ gives you the flexibility to customize screens for your organization, including terminology and entry requirements.

Wizards and Guides

Escorted procedures and assisted processing made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© system strives to make the complex simple, and this is evident by the number of wizards available to your team for otherwise multi-step operations. Some of the wizards available include:

Contract Booking Wizard
Guides you through the steps of determining contract type and defining characteristics of the contract which will carry forward to the Contract Booking Screen (which can be tailored for your business).
Termination Quote Wizard
Guides you through the process of selecting the termination type and date in order to create a contract-level termination quote (e.g. payoff quote for your customer).
Contract Rewrite Wizard
Guides you through the process of debt restructure and workout on an existing (active) lease or loan contract. Allows alterations of the contract structure including payment amount, term, rate, cap cost, and residual value. The user may defer, rewrite, or leave past due payments that may exist on the contract. The system displays in real-time the adjustments to income and payment stream, including options to solve for yield to ensure the restructure does not lose money for your business.
Due Date Change Wizard
Guides you through the process of providing a courtesy due date change on an existing contract. The change can be one-time, permanent, and/or retro-active. The system automatically handles any reversals or rebilling that may need to occur as a result of the new due date.
Recalculate Depreciation Wizard
Guides you through the process of triggering a recalculation of book and/or tax depreciation on a given asset or group of assets. The user enters an effective date and selects the asset(s) to be processed, and the system performs the calculation in real-time. This is used by our clients for retroactive tax law changes, such as the numerous bonus depreciation laws passed retroactively by the US Congress.
The system supports nearly 30 wizards in all to aid your team and reduce potential errors or omissions. Some other wizards include:
  • Contract Discounting
  • Asset-level Turn-in/Payoff
  • Lease/Loan Assumptions
  • Lease/Loan Extensions
  • Interim Funding Closing
  • Group Payment Posting
  • Group Asset Sales
  • Securitization Quoting & Posting
  • Asset Exchange
  • And more.


Seamless system integration made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© system offers an extensive array of integration options to provide your organization with seamless data transfer and consumption with your other business software systems.


Application and component security made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© system packs a powerful feature-set behind a solid wall of security, which is both flexible and easy to manage.


Innovative technology and function made… Complete™

The LeaseComplete© system has been engineered from the ground up using the latest technology to ensure a scalable, reliable, long-term equipment finance system for your growing business needs.

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