Dominion Leasing Software 2015 User Conference
The Kingsmill Resort
November 8th - 10th

Conference Update

The 2015 Dominion Leasing Software User Conference was held November 8-10, 2015, at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. With its unparalleled range of accommodations, stunning setting along the James River, and boundless range of recreational activities and leisure pursuits right on the grounds, the Kingsmill resort is a relaxing, fun, and memorable riverside escape. Kingsmill is also a place steeped in honored traditions and genuine Southern hospitality. When the first English foot was placed in Virginia, it was on these grounds that once served as a central part of the area’s plantation life in the 1600s through 1800s. Today, Kingsmill Resort is known for its scenic beauty and challenging golf courses. The River Course has hosted the world’s best golf players from both the PGA and LPGA, and is currently the home of the LPGA Championship. It was in this beautiful setting, surrounded by golf courses and the stunning James River, that conference attendees and Dominion Leasing Software staff came together for our annual gathering of education and fellowship.

The 2015 User Conference was kicked off by a Sunday evening reception, featuring cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres, including a number of pasta dishes and two carving stations. During this event, attendees began reconnecting and networking with each other and the Dominion Staff. Attendees of this event were rewarded with a drawing featuring prizes from the “Back to the Future” movie series.

Conference sessions began on Monday morning and included a full day and a half of both training and overview content, concluding around noon on Tuesday. This year’s Conference featured two tracts from which attendees could choose, one highlighting features in the recently released LeaseComplete Version 4.18, and the other introducing the new features in LeaseComplete Version 5. Many attendees chose to mix-and-match sessions between the two systems, which provided just the right mix of current and future for their taste. The Version 5 Introduction session gave an end-to-end overview of the powerful new features being rolled out in this next generation release of the LeaseComplete system; while other Version 5 sessions dove deeper into specific areas including reporting, booking, payment processing, and integration. The upgrade planning session provided an insight into the process of migrating from LeaseComplete Version 4 to Version 5. The Version 4.18 sessions focused on expanding attendees’ knowledge of the system they currently use. The “New Features” session focused on the one-hundred plus new features rolled out in the 2015 update release of the System. An overview of Quoting and Prospect Tracking shed light on this powerful system feature, introducing new ways it could be incorporated into existing lease/loan workflows. The User Conference also offered a 4-hour introduction to writing reports for LeaseComplete using Crystal Reports, empowering our clients to maximize the potential of the system to meet customized reporting needs in their organizations.

It is the Dominion User Conference that makes Monday nights famous, and this year’s conference was no exception! The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a cocktail hour, followed by a delicious dinner which included beef tenderloin, potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a chocolate cheesecake desert. After dinner, the event was cranked up by a DJ featuring a light show and some dancing. The entertainment featured a “casino night” complete with tables for blackjack, roulette, and craps. To keep things interesting, raffles were done throughout the night with a variety of prizes presented to each winner. Keepsakes were provided courtesy of the Dominion Photo Booth. With smiles all around, it is safe to assume a great time was had by all attendees!

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